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Feeling stuck on your life’s purpose and feeling like you don’t have anyone in your life to share these ideas with in a light hearted and yummy way?

Your psychic business coach

All so you can be so aligned to your psychic and soul gifts, make bank and create a life of deep pleasure and time freedom!

A few years ago I was struggling to find where I fit in.
I was a massage therapist, turned Body Positivity blogger, turned energy healer, turned psychic and now landed here- a badass biatch upgrading your coaching business to the 5D, creating consistent 5 figure months and scaling to 6 figure and beyond!

Now I have the pleasure of upgrading your life to full time deliciousness & financial freedom. And that ain’t a throw away word in my world.

So if you crave full authentic expression, activate your Priestess, step into your abundant soul gift and being paid generously for it, I am your girl.

Welcome to my wild, sassy and delicious world.

It’s your turn now. 

Hey bitch, I’m Brittney and I am here to elevate your coaching, healing or magic making business to the 5D


Emily Hinks

I did psychic prosperity and cosmic wealth and have been struggling with my little business through COVID to say the least, after doing both sessions I’ve had a business approach me about stocking my items in their salon, had my contract at my full time job raised to double the hours and have been offered covering extra shifts. Thank you for opening this up for me and showing me I am WORTHY! And I am ENOUGH!!  So much love for you 

This bitch is prospering ! Literally will be doing every masterclass you put out!

Amy Batty

If you want to learn how to channel and deepen your connection to your guides, this programme really is amazing. There are so many components, there's so many different parts that you learn about and there's no possible way you'll regret signing up to this programme! It is hands down the best programme that I have ever done. !t's 100% worth it! Go for the VIP package if you can, it will completely change your life - it has most definitely changed mine.

Thinking about signing up for Step Into Your Lightworker? I 100% recommend that you do.


I felt like I was constantly pushing in my business, I wasn't calling in the abundance I desired and there was also no end in sight for me finishing up at my corporate job. I have 5x the price of my 1:1 spaces and also upleveled my psychic abilities by clearing a bunch of shit. I now have a much closer end date to finishing up at my corporate job and I have gotten rid of shit offerings that were no longer serving me.

My business has changed so much since working with Brit


You get to step into the power of Brittney and the power of the people that Brittney brings together. Like, it's incredible, and you get so much out of it. You get so much out of it and it sets you free and in these times, WHAT DO WE WANT MORE than freedom.

I've stepped into my power and I'm so powerful! And I've been this powerful for so long but I never knew. So it's given me that power, it's given me that knowledge of my own power.


The value that you get out of this course is priceless. The value I have received from this community is priceless. There is always support. It's the most supportive, amazing expansive space.

She made me who I am today and I love who I am today, and it's got me to the life that I have today and I love the life I have today.


I have gone from struggling as a coach, wondering if I should even be a coach, to being completely sold out! This is my life purpose and there's literally no other option for me, and to start seeing the attraction of clients coming in is just amazing - and it is happening thanks to doing the work in this programme.

I have been unlocked multiple times and found different parts of my power that I didn't even know I had.

Kind Words

I’m an Aries sun, Leo Moon and Libra rising… basically a kickass combination that is a mother fucking leader, not afraid to embrace the bigness of myself and of course, looking and feeling good along the way ;)

I wasn’t born psychic! I didn’t have moments growing up that got “knocked” out of me as I grew up. I wasn’t intune at all. It was until I started to connect to my body and my true self that my intuition sky rocketed and all of a sudden so did my psychic abilities. I share this with you because I KNOW what it’s like… You question if you’re even able to activate your psychic channel. The truth of it is YES BITCH YOU CAN.

I started my journey into this space as a massage therapist who was all about the science. If it wasn’t in my textbook and factual according to my sheltered view points, it didn’t exist! I used to think of “energy workers” as a load of bullshit and basically spinning people yarns.
Until I had my own experience. I had someone come up to me and tell me things that didn’t make sense as to how they knew it. It sparked such a deep curiosity in me that I followed it.


meet your spirit guides meditation



If you are looking to start your journey connecting to your spirit guides, receive messages and guidance from the 5D this 15 minute audio is everything you need to start your spiritual 5D journey.