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And i am here to shake up your universe, open up your wealth channel and deliver you th e transmissions to take you to your next wealth level 

Your wealth seductress

I started in biz for myself as a remedial massage therapist which then saw me claim my gifts as a psychic business coach where I scaled my business to multi 6 figures and my clients. The results just from my business upgrades were everything... but now spirit has asked me to dance in the arena of quantum leaping the money reality of women all around the globe.

I am a channel. A transmittor of authentic money codes... those of which are going to see you move into your next level in your earning capacity.

I am talking about the elevation from just making 6 figures to be on your way to 7 figures- even multi 7 figures.

If you crave an expander in wealth who is going to light your soul on fire, activate your baseline abundance, have fun whilst doing it, be held in the most delicious sisterhood of support EVER & laugh with me along the way... then you beautiful bitch, I'm your girl.

Welcome to my glorious, sassy, rich AF  and delicious world.

It’s your turn now. 

Hey baby, i'm here to upgrade your money frequency, be aligned to your multi six figure- 7 figure earning capacity & share with you my wealth transmissions

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I’m an Aries sun, Leo Moon and Libra rising… basically a kickass combination that is a mother fucking leader, not afraid to embrace the bigness of myself and of course, looking and feeling good along the way ;)

I wasn't born into money
In fact, for a period of time, my mums, sister and I were homeless after mum's "love of her life" turned out to be the biggest conman who stole our money and left us without a roof over our heads.

I adopted the belief that money and love cannot co-exist, let alone thrive together.
And now those are the principles of wealth that I teach! 

Money always seemed like there was never enough. 
I didn't have savings & it always felt like the tap was just broken... like a constant stream of money just leaving me.

When I was a biz coach I was making amazing money but it still felt clunky.
Then, not too long ago, I activated my sex channel & therefore my wealth channel.
My income TRIPLED. My assets DOUBLED & profits were bigger than my average monthly revenue!


Emily Hinks

I did psychic prosperity and cosmic wealth and have been struggling with my little business through COVID to say the least, after doing both sessions I’ve had a business approach me about stocking my items in their salon, had my contract at my full time job raised to double the hours and have been offered covering extra shifts. Thank you for opening this up for me and showing me I am WORTHY! And I am ENOUGH!!  So much love for you 

This bitch is prospering ! Literally will be doing every masterclass you put out!

Sarah Jane 

I did the money mediation this morning and 30 minutes later I received a cheque in the post I wasn't expecting AND I had someone pay in FULL for my retreat!

Want to know how quick the meditation results are?


I felt like I was constantly pushing in my business, I wasn't calling in the abundance I desired and there was also no end in sight for me finishing up at my corporate job. I have 5x the price of my 1:1 spaces and also upleveled my psychic abilities by clearing a bunch of shit. I now have a much closer end date to finishing up at my corporate job and I have gotten rid of shit offerings that were no longer serving me.

My business has changed so much since working with Brit


3 days after I enrolled into To Have & To Hold, I was gifted $2000 & that has NEVER happened before. 
What's even more powerful is how it healed my lifetime of family hurt, it was the catalyst to allowing me to have a sense of security that has come since doing week 1 in THTH & knowing, really deeply deeply knowing that money wants good for me is so centring & I have never felt this secure before 

The power of To Have & To Hold 


The value that you get out of this course is priceless. The value I have received from this community is priceless. There is always support. It's the most supportive, amazing expansive space.

She made me who I am today and I love who I am today, and it's got me to the life that I have today and I love the life I have today.


I have gone from struggling as a coach, wondering if I should even be a coach, to being completely sold out! This is my life purpose and there's literally no other option for me, and to start seeing the attraction of clients coming in is just amazing - and it is happening thanks to doing the work in this programme.

I have been unlocked multiple times and found different parts of my power that I didn't even know I had.

Kind Words