COSMIC WEALTH, the  7  wealth codes & LEAP MASTERCLASS

WELCOME TO the ultimate bundle..

three masterclasses:
Cosmic Wealth-
 80 minutes of divine energetic upgrades to elevate your wealth Blue Print & shift scarcity from your body.
7  wealth codes to unleash your worthy & wealthy magnetic bitch!
LEAP Masterclass - Take the leap and calibrate your energy to a whole new level of normal.


If you are constantly fearing your bank account & how much isn't in there.

Feeling like money just keeps coming in and going out... 

You feel like your savings account is constantly plateauing 

​You're in business & you feel that their is definitely a 'limit' for how much you can earn...

You're so fucking tired because it just feels like money = hard work (ew)... and even then, it's not like you've got "much to show" for all the hours you put in!

Basically... money is gross because it just doesn't feel BIG or abundant. It just feels like, well... "ugh".

The Cosmic Wealth Bundle is for you if...

Do you feel like you're ready for more when it comes to creating impact with your gifts and being able to touch more people's lives all around the world... but you're still only dipping your toes in the water, afraid of diving head first into the luscious pool of impact, abundance, satisfaction and fulfilment!

In this masterclass Brittney is going to go through the THREE pillars for you to LEAP into your gifts and go FULL TIME in your business.

These pillars will assist you in leaving your side hustle (your part-time/full-time job) and go ALL IN into your soul's purpose!

Take the leap and calibrate your energy to a whole new level of normal.

LEAP Masterclass

Feeling like you’re not getting anywhere, like you are stuck and have tried everything in this manifesting game

being a powerhouse woman that gets to bring sass, confidence & boujee vibes to the table and steps completely into her power

Feeling lost, constantly outsourcing through pain and not being able to effectively transmute your traumas

Alchemising your pain, turning into your greatest gift and stepping into a new power that you've only had glimpses of before!

Constantly feeling like money is draining from your pockets and never able to build on it, business is hard and money is also hard

Now you believe in your ability to scale to 6 figures, be able to create sustainable wealth and literally live a turned on boujee life!

Imagine if you could GO FROM...




The Investment

3 Masterclasses




3  Masterclasses





Can I access the cosmic wealth masterclass immediately?

Yes!! And, you get lifetime access to the recordings and the potency does NOT change! It's there for you whenever you do have the time! And you can always revisit the teachings

What if I don’t live in Australia and I can’t make the live calls?

Honeyyyyyyyyy. TIME IS LIMITLESS IN THE METAPHYSICAL! Whether you manage to make the live call or catch the replay, the vibes are always there and the transformation is suspended in time waiting for you to claim her. The only reason why you can’t catch the replay is by you getting in your own way.

No excuses if you want to level up. Make it werrrk bitch!

I never watched it, can I get a refund?

No babe. This is where you're accountability comes in and you show up for yourself. You literally have life time access. There are no excuses. Get out of your damn way!

I can't afford $333, so how do you expect me to "show up for myself?"

Well, it's really quite simple. If you your whole body is pulling at you to do this, then you fucking listen and make it happen. I understand that for a lot you, a full payment might stretch things too far at this present moment, so I have created a payment plan of two $175 payments. You have got this sis!