Have you been searching high and low for a course that will elevate your spiritual gifts in both your personal life and also your business?

Welcome to step into your light worker

HEY YOU incredible soul

Activate your soul codes and purpose so you can utilise YOUR power & monetise your magic!

Delve into the world of being a light worker but Reiki just doesn't feel right, or you are practitioner with no ability to make your gifts even bigger?

Step into your abilities to own your power, purpose and passion 

Feel a sense of undeniable INNER POWER so you can choose your mission and take fearless action that will transform your life in multiple areas?? (Emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially!)

Have you been wanting to connect to the fifth dimension and start living life in constant communication to your guides?

Have you been wanting to start living your life completely trusting your intuition?

Have you purchased a few oracle decks and feel a strong pull to our La Luna?

You love it but.... now what?

Does the woo-woo make you go OOO-OOO FUCK YAAAS BITCH!?

Have you been wanting to learn differently modalities to help yourself and also others?

Well then baby, if you answered yes to ANY of these, this course is 1000% for you!!

Have you been wanting to...


If you haven't already seen my name is Brittney (bitch) and I am a Goddess on a mission to bring women back home to their limitless potential and their true soul's calling! Let me be living proof that creating an abundant life does not mean 3-5 years of putting in the "hard yards".

I was never psychic and actually thought energy work was pure bullshit.
That all changed in 2018 when I started to heal my trauma and connect with my bod- I begun living my life and creating my light worker business in February 2019 with a group programme "Embody Your Body" and from there I gave my full attention to 1:1 coaching, healing and psychic intuitive readings! 
Fast forward to 2023- I am a conduit of channeled messages that changes lives all around the globe

Learning these fundamental teachings allowed me to pivot my life personally, professionally, mentally and financially and I just KNOW if you give yourself the chance, you're about to lean into an incredible new life!

And I am not here to sell you a fantasy... this becomes real fucking life. I went from making $39K per year to making that just in a month from my 5D souls abilities!

Okay, this sounds amazing, but who are you Brittney?!

If you have felt an attraction to learning more about the chakra's and how by healing and activating them, they can transform your life... learning how to clear energy, activate your very own psychic abilities, learn how to work with angels and the energy of the universe and start creating a strong as fuck connection to your guides... well then yes bitch, this course is DEFINITELY for you!

You are a woman on a mission to re-learn a lot of your soul make up and begin to uncover the veil life has pulled over your eyes. If you've always felt like you were here to do something, then that is because you are.

If you have been fighting your mind about what you should do in your life, getting frustrated in your job or life as it just feels mundane and NOT fulfilling, if you are feeling empty and want to learn more about yourself, then this 8 month container is for you!

Have you been drawn to the incredible world of the healing arts but you've had Reiki a handful of times and you just don't vibe with it? You know there is even more to tap into... SIYLW is your answer!

We kick off 20th February 2023! 
The first live call will be Tuesday 21st February at 6:30pm AEDT 
All modules have a fortnightly "timetable" with the live calls always on the second week of the module.
There are weekly calls either teaching or facilitation held by our support coach, Amy!

Listen to what some of the previous graduates have to say about the course below!

Is this potent AF course for me?

Step  Into  Your  Light  Worker  is  for  the  leader who wants to take her healing into her own hands, beef out her emotional, spiritual and healing tool kit & 
 Receive  DNA  activations to allow her to be the badass, grounded light worker that she is born to be.
(and  make  a  shit  tonne  of  money  whilst  doing  it)

Module one I teach you all about setting up your emotional, mental, physical and environmental space to ensure your safety.
Connect with your Higher Self and begin to be activated into the 5D so you can open your channel to begin receiving direct downloads 

Setting up your sacred cosmic union & energetic space

module one

Learning the key foundations to assist you in discerning information, clearing your energy and others and how to protect yourself and connect with energy.

These tools you will literally use in your everyday life as you strengthen your channel! 

Spiritual tools

module TWO

In this module I open you up to more wisdom than you ever thought possible.
Teaching you how to connect to others energy and take them through the process of clearing their energy sources to be in alignment with their highest good.

This is a potent AF module and fundamental to your healing and therefor others!


module THREE

In this module, you will have a fun understanding of being a trauma informed healer + coach, how to facilitate inner child healing and your duty of care to your clients

Trauma informed healing

module  four

I teach you my modalities that I have channeled from my guides how to effectively clear shadow/trauma/belief systems/neural pathways with a 3 step process.

Shadow work for badass bitches

module  FIVE

It is time to be on the receiving end of most likely an incredible pivotal, potent & magical activation as you first learn all about the breath and how to facilitate in your sessions or with yourself for your own healing.

This activation is going to send you into incredible realms of possibility!

breathwork, cellular healing + somatic practice 

module  six

Unfortunately, we as woman, carry the trauma of sexual assaults and harassment every day. 
The divine uniqueness of this is that even if you have not experienced first hand any form of trauma, women are connected and we carry so much generational & collective energy.
I teach you how to clear the trauma for yourself and the collective so you can create, flow and step into your innate power.
You go first, so you can lead others.

womb healing

module  seven

Learn how to connect with your highest self, the highest self of others to receive direct downloads for you OR your clients.

I teach you how to effectively channel and receive downloads indirectly and directly.

Gain wisdom from your team to elevate you, connect with loved ones and channel your heart out in a very safe & effective way!

Channeling Light beings

module  eight

Learn how to facilitate past life regressions to effectively cut karmic cycles, ties & bonds so you can move on in this life free of any hooks and drains.

Past life regressions for soul gift retrieval is potent as fuck to reclaim your gifts and move deeper into your purpose!

past life regression + soul retrival 

module  nine

You may not be aware, but our soul has lived many life times and has entered many contracts over its lives that may be inhibiting you or your potential clients from their true success.

I teach you how to effectively facilitate their clearing for incredible transformation!

Soul contract clearing

module  ten

Learn to clear the physical body of ailments and blockages through Brittney's channeled modality.

This is not to be used instead of modern medicine, it is to be used in conjunction with it.

Chakra + organ Clearing through brittney's modality

module  eleven

Whilst everyone is unique, it is important to be able to have a general understanding of yourself and your clients through the lens of esoteric practices such as astrology, human design + numerology

In this module, you will receive a "Crash Course" to gain in-depth knowledge of HOW your client operates to be able to create the most aligned and quantum results

Astrology, Numerology + Human Design

module  twelve

For those who are looking to take their gifts into the world, I guide you through your blueprint for business that is guaranteed to assist you in creating a 6 figure business built from passion, purpose & integrity!

soulful, sexy & successful business

module  thirteen

Feeling like you’re not getting anywhere, like you are stuck and have tried everything in this manifesting game

being a powerhouse woman that gets to bring sass, confidence & boujee vibes to the table and steps completely into her power

Feeling lost, constantly outsourcing through pain and not being able to effectively transmute your traumas

Alchemising your pain, turning into your greatest gift and stepping into a new power that you've only had glimpses of before!

Constantly feeling like money is draining from your pockets and never able to build on it, business is hard and money is also hard

Now you believe in your ability to scale to 6 figures, be able to create sustainable wealth and literally live a turned on boujee life!

Imagine if you could GO FROM...




The Standard package gives you exclusive access to all modules and group calls. There is no extra 1:1 time with Brittney.
You will receive a bonus 1:1 with our support coach Amy to be able to move fully into the work and grow your capacity for magic!
This is perfect for you if you are a) just starting out or b) SO READY TO LEARN AND APPLY THE TEACHINGS!


*The VIP option is limited to only 8 women each round.
This is for you if you are ready to dive into all facets of your life and come out the other side turned on, activated and deeply anchored in your ability to create huge fucking change!

The VIP is for the woman who wishes to work 1:1 with Brittney during the container to facilitate personalised healing, guidance in life and business, receive channeled messages and look to consolidate all teachings and activations.​
4 x 60 minute 1:1's


Which package is right for me?

Amy Batty

If you want to learn how to channel and deepen your connection to your guides, this programme really is amazing. There's no possible way you'll regret signing up to this! It is hands down the best programme that I have ever done. If you're worried about the money, I say take the leap, invest in yourself for six months! Go for the VIP package if you can, it will completely change your life - it has most definitely changed mine.

Thinking about signing up for Step Into Your Lightworker? I 100% recommend that you do.

Ashlea Mathews: Healer & Coach

My business has changed so much, I have 5x the price of my 1:1 spaces and also upleveled my psychic abilities by clearing a bunch of shit. I now have a much closer end date to finishing up at my corporate job and I have gotten rid of shit offerings that were no longer serving me.

Before working with Britt, I felt like I was constantly pushing in my business, I wasn't calling in the abundance I desired and there was also no end in sight for me finishing up at my corporate job.

Georgia Apps

I've learned so many new skills doing Step into Your Lightworker. I have learned to trust my guides more, I have learned to trust and listen to the downloads that I receive.It doesn’t matter whether you're doing it for your own personal guidance and growth or you're doing it as a part of growing your business, you will get so much out of joining this programme. 

This course has allowed me to facilitate massive MASSIVE change in the people that I work with for which I am forever grateful. 


You get to step into the power of Brittany and the power of the people that Brittany brings together. Like, it's incredible, and you get so much out of it. You get so much out of it and it sets you free and in these times, WHAT DO WE WANT MORE than freedom.

I've stepped into my power and I'm so powerful! And I've been this powerful for so long but I never knew. So it's given me that power, it's given me that knowledge of my own power.


You can't have a good programme without an amazing vibe, and the way that Britt shows up for all of us clients - the way that she's your biggest hype girl, the way that she wants you to succeed - is just unmatched in any other programme that I've done. 

Britt creates the biggest chain reaction - she facilitates massive MASSIVE uplevels for you and it's just life-changing... the whole thing is just life-changing. 


The value that you get out of this course is priceless. The value I have received from this community is priceless. It's the most supportive, amazing expansive space. It was worth every single dollar and more. Britt is the most amazing person / coach / goddess / whatever else. As soon as you step into her space, she is 100% invested in you, and she is 100% supporting you. Always.  It is the most amazing thing to get that support.

She made me who I am today and I love who I am today, and it's got me to the life that I have today and I love the life I have today.


If you feel that there is a power that you have to unlock, if you feel as though you want to strengthen your intuition, if you want to learn how to channel and deepen your connection to your guides, this programme really is amazing.

Go for the VIP package if you can, it will completely change your life - it has most definitely changed mine.


I have gone from struggling as a coach, wondering if I should even be a coach, to being completely sold out! This is my life purpose and there's literally no other option for me, and to start seeing the attraction of clients coming in is just amazing - and it is happening thanks to doing the work in this programme.

I have been unlocked multiple times and found different parts of my power that I didn't even know I had.




I don't think I'm woo-woo enough OR have any psychic abilities... is this really for me?

Okay babe, first of all, being a psychic and connected to your should gifts doesn't mean you have to step away from who you are to become a Carol Baskin look-a-like and deck out every finger in crystal rings…
I never knew I was psychic and thought it was all bullshit. Until I started to dive into this space and trust myself. I have managed to blow myself away how accurate I am and all my clients have turned on their own abilities and creating kickass offerings and transformations for their own clients! All of which didn’t think they had it in them at the start ;)

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

If you feel like this course is not for you then you are entitled to a full refund within the first 14 days of the course.
After that, you will be issued a refund of 50% if you meet the criteria.
Refunds are not issued for change of mind

I can't afford the pay in full option.

There is the option to pay it off over 10 months! If this course is a full body yes but you can't afford to pay in full... please reach out to me via the chat box below. We can work a tailored payment plan together if your circumstances call for it. No excuses if you want to level up. As the legend Britney Spears says, "You better WERK b*tch." 

I am in a different timezone to you. I can't make the live calls. Will I miss out?

If you can't make the live calls that's totally fine! All live calls are recorded PLUS you have full access to all the modules in the membership portal! Also, bear in mind I have had women from the USA wake up at 3am to be on these calls! Make this a priority... your future self will thank you for it!

Will I actually make my money back?

Anything is possible! These 13 modules are the foundation to my work that I facilitate with clients which have allowed me to create a multiple 6 figure company from & is scaling to 1 million dollars!
So yeah babe... it's all possible if you are totally accountable to owning your actions! I have created the portal and it's up to YOU to meet YOU (and me) in the middle and show the fuck up and do the god damn work! 
The added 13th module is all about business foundations giving you the ability to create an incredibly, wildly expansive & successful business!

Are these practices safe?

If you think Step Into Your Light Worker consists of Ouija Boards and animal sacrifices... well you're shit out of luck.
These practices are so safe as I teach you how to ensure your own safety or your energy and your clients!

I am pregnant, can I do this?

This is completely and entirely up to you and what your intuition (not fear) is saying. I have worked with many prgenant women and because your safety is always number 1 priority, there is no room for anything 'evil' to come into contact qirth you. We only work with angels, Gods & Goddesses, Source and your own spiritual team. They are the most purest of energy and consist only of unconditional love! You and your baby are safe!  Also, you will also notice your intuition is heightened which means your ability to channel, do readings and connect with divine is going to be next level! It can be the best thing for you and your baby. Go within, journal and ask your soul "Soul, is this program the right thing for me and my baby to undertake right now?" You'll get the most perfect answer for YOU! Everyone is different, so the answers will be dependant on the individual. Just remember, you are safe in my energy.

I have scholarship places available for those that need this but can't necessarily make the full investment right now.

I SEE YOU and I want you to still have this opportunity with 50% off

There are ten scholarship places available for the beautiful BIPOC members of our community as well as disabled womxn, single mothers, and those that are struggling financially.

Click the button below to apply and

Applications close on Sunday 5th February with recipients notified on Monday 6th February.

Step  Into  Your  Light  Worker   scholarship