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Ready to claim the HUGE discount and join us NOW inside Marry Me Money? Then get your cute butt to the sales page PRONTO!

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50/ The most important pivot to welcome more cash into your biz

                          When we can reprogram our mind as to what is possible... all of a sudden ANYTHING is possible! Want to join us for 11 days inside the Money Miracles Vortex? Join us 

Ready to claim the HUGE discount and join us NOW inside Marry Me Money? Then get your cute butt to the sales page PRONTO! 

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49/ Walking Money Manifestation Track

                            Helloooo glorious humans! This is absolutely one episode you're going to want to have downloaded so you can access as many time in the day as you desire! Hello and welcome back!

Brittney is sharing some cold hard truths about how women truly got the shit end of the stick to be able to create the life of their dreams, but are we really okay with letting that hold us back? Hell no.

48 / How the mother wound impacts your success

                            It's a beautiful mindset to master but in this episode I am here to look behind the bypassing of what it means to be #abundant. If you are ready to mould your mindset in anchored grace whilst being initiated into higher realms of money, then this episode is totally for you.

47/ Abundance mindset or illusion? Here's how you can master your money mindset

                            Hello you sexy b*tches! In this episode, Brittney really speak to the truth behind people's quantum success and how the average person from humble beginnings can truly break their ceiling and create the business, money & life of their dreams.

46/ How to leverage your capacity to quantum leap

                            Sweet sweet baby Jesus you are NOT going to want to miss this episode! This is the most potent piece of quantum intelligence Brittney has EVER channeled. Your life will never be the same again.


                            Welcome back you sexy soul! HQ is so excited to present you a right kick up your ass that is going to see you:
1. Shift your identity
2. Welcome new levels of riches
3. A heightened state of abundance, opulence and a thriving business!
All because of this one powerful shift! Are you ready?

44/ Becoming the unapologetic woman to master your success

                            Helloooo sexy humans! Welcome to a delicious episode where Brittney goes DEEP into what it means to master the art of the feminine way.

In this episode she covers:

43/ The art of feminine magic, money & magnetism

                            Welcome back slayers! We are so excited to deliver this episode hot off the press where Brittney covers a pretty extensive kick up the ass for you to truly create your limitless life.

42/ The BEST consistent move that has allowed me to scale my business & life

                            In this episode Brittney shares with you the number one thing you can do to see results FAST. Brittney has mastered the art of creating quick results and it's all mapped out in this episode!
She covers:
- The art of sacred practice
- How your consistency is your greatest asset
- Compounding small moves for bold results
- How much do you really want the life you desire to create is being cockblocked by the version of you today

41/ The number one thing to see results FAST!

                            Helloo you quantum baddies! Welcome back to a delicious episode where Brittney thins the veil and lets you in behind the scenes of her life at the moment and shares with you coded wisdom that will allow you to thrive in your quest for a limitless life!

40/ How to generate Quantum Manifestation Momentum

                            Welcome back you quantum babes to another epic episode! Brittney is coming to you from Byron Bay with some deathly accurate channeled FIRE that is going to see you move into your limitless life. In this episode you will:
- Understand with full conviction what it means for you to be committed to your limitless life
- How your commitment levels are dictating your future manifestations (and the timeline of it)

39/ How your commitment is dictating your manifestation

                            What does it *realllllly mean* to break free from the matrix? In this weeks episode, Brittney breaks down the major factors that are inhibiting you to truly create IMMENSE change in your life. You will learn:
- The energy of Aries season to take your leap of courage
- How your programming from ages 7-14 fundamentally challenge your ability to rise above the reality you have known

38/ Your courageous decision. Are you breaking away or are you breaking free?

                            Hey cosmic sister! Brittney is back with another great episode that is here to quite literally, kick you up the ass (lovingly). There is a lot of energy present at the moment as we are preparing to say SEE YA to the 2022 Astrological year and with that, we must REFLECT! In this episode Brittney shares:
- The current energetic transits and why they may be feeling extra heavy at the moment
- How to implement boundaries as a recovering people pleaser

37/ How your leaky boundaries are creating a leaky & limited life (Astrological update)

                            Welcome back to an incredible episode that will see you and your business go from OH F*K to OH YEAAHHHHH. In this episode, Brittney breaks down the four c's that will see you.
- Shift your energy and open your vortex to new energy and no longer loop in scarcity
- Enter the inspiration incubator and transform your business and services so you can get paid INSTANTLY

36/ How to create cash consistency!

                            We are so excited to introduce the first official guest interview with our Numerology QUEEN Mari Graber! Numerology & having Brittney's chart read has been the catalyst for incredible growth, validation and ownership. Brittney swears by Mari's ability to read your chart and wants YOU to be incredibly empowered in your life's journey!

35/  Using numerology with Mari Graber to create your limitless life

                            Hello cosmic kittens! Brittney is back with a power punch episode that will see you stepping through the resistance and opening to your greatest waters as a divine feminine sacred leader. In this episode Brittney shares with you:
- the channeled messages from the Divine to allow you to cultivate the greatest asset during this season of Pisces

34/ Pisces Super New Moon- Mission (im)possible?

                            Welcome back to a surprise episode! We thought it was super important to get a behind the scenes look at what it actually means to take your coaching to the 5D and how it deeply impacts your personal self and the world around you! We have had the HONOUR of welcoming two incredible souls that have navigated very different journey's that we felt was SO IMPORTANT for you to witness.

33/ What it actually means to take yourself & your coaching to the 5D with guest students Amy & Kirsty

                            A raw and vulnerable first hand experience that will let you into the world of manifestation and Brittney's personal experience on how to navigate your rite of passage as you feel like your manifestations are not landing In this episode you will learn about:
- How to identify if your manifestation IS working

32/ What to do when you feel like it's not working

                            Welcome back to another episode of Limitless! In this episode, Brittney shares the real nitty gritty to see you overcome your fear and move into your million dollar life. Get a look into:
- How to break the looping pattern in your life
- The three concepts of self that are getting in the way of you

31/ 4 pillars to create your million dollar life

                            Welcome back to another episode with Brittney as she takes you behind the scenes of scaling your future! In this episode she covers:- The sum of 5 and it's importance in creating your most highest timeline and life
- The snowball affect

30/ The Sum Of 5- how your connections are impacting your life & predicting your future

                            Welcome to the first episode of the re-launched & revamped- Limitless! Join Brittney as she shares her tips and channeling's to allow YOU to truly create your limitless life. But first you need to know these foundational principles to truly create it.

29/ The path to your limitless life

                            It's no secret that a lot of wealthy people have narcissistic personality traits and why the 1% is labelled "evil".
In this episode I cover how these people have managed to amount to a lot of success and have also built their wealth that we feel is "undeserving".
If you have EVER had the belief that money is the root of all evil OR "What's the point? Nothing is going to change anyway", then you 100% NEED to listen to this episode!

28/ Soul money v ego money- what we can learn from narcissistic personalities

                            Hi baby... In our quest for financial freedom, we are often questioning- where is it going to come from, how is it coming, when is it coming and what is coming?! In this episode Britt breaks down the ability to trust in the flow of money AND your manifestations!

27/ Trusting the flow of money

                            Welcome back beautiful being! In this episode, Britt was given the title before showing up and followed the channeled thread of spirit. She covered:
- Liminality and how it is impacting your ability to receive
- The recession and how to be in front of it & not a

26/ The liminality of wealth

                            Hey you glorious being! I couldn't not share this masterclass with you & I feel like a lot of you will be re-listening to this a few times over! We covered 8 tangible codes for you to really glow up your finances and bring your 5D wealth into your 3D reality

25/ Wealth Embodied- The masterclass replay

                            Plain and simple... are you a fuckboy when it comes to money or are you craving and holding a long term committed, nourishing & supportive relationship? Thats the question hot on Britt's lips as she opens the stage for you to further investigate your current reality with money and why it may not be "working"

24/ Are you a f*ckboy?

                            We are finally back for part two and biiiiiiitch the downloads are REAAAAAAAL! In this episode I create the container for you to go up against your bullshit and realise how badly you have been treating money. Money is constantly mirroring us, so how have you shown up for it?

23/ Your toxic relationship with money part 2

                            Hey babes… look, it’s messy, it’s chaos it’s all of the things but it’s also magic. Bear with me as I navigate sickness and still show up for you baddies! I’ll see you for an in full episode in a few days🙌🏼 LOVE YA

22/ Your toxic relationship with money part 1

                            Hey babe! We are back with a spicy convo where Britt shares with you the power of the month of June and the huge quantum leap that happened. Literally from despair to quantum expansion... In this episode Brittney shares with you:
- The milestone hangover & what you need to know
- What is fundamentally getting in the way of your quantum expansion

21/ Success- the ritualistic downfall

                            Hey queen. Welcome back to an episode where Britt breaks down what it means to be aligned with the dark feminine. You likely feel a TONNE of resistance to her but, what you need to understand is that the dark feminine and the liminality of her, is your ticket to your greatest success..

20/ The dark feminine archetypes for prosperity & visibility

                            Hey epic human! We have a delicious episode where Britt lets you in behind the scenes of her real time quantum leap- collapsing time in a way that may be a bit less overwhelming for you! In the spirit of the wealth channel activation held last week, Brittney is dropping some BOMBS on pieces of money wisdom that will get you alchemising & stacking your cash in no time.

19/  The link between money, love & our relationship with the Masculine

                            Oh my sweet fuck. What the heck has happened this week? In this episode I literally pull back the veil and let you in behind the scenes of the biggest pivot yet in my business. In this episode we dive into:
- Where spirit is asking you to pivot.

18/ Are you trusting the niggles? My HUGE pivot

                           Woweeeee, welcome back babies to an (albeit, late) episode where the juice is definitely not missing! Britt channels some insane wisdom around the timeline of success AND how you can quantum leap! In this ep she covers:
- The energy that i

17/ The timeline of success- the quantum code

                            Helllooooooooo lovelies! We are back bringing you probably one of our favourite episodes to date. Brittney extends you the fundamental asset that is better than gold, better than your funnels and better than your strategy. It is so simple. Simple enough for you to roll your eyes. But its weight in value is undeniable. In this episode:

16/ The greatest asset your business needs to scale

                            Hi gorgeous people! We are back with another incredible episode where Brittney literally shares as she literally processes her own breakthroughs. We've been told that in business, we need to scale. But at what cost? Emotionally, financially, mentally & physically. What does it take from us?

15/ Simplified Sexy Scaling

                            Hi dolls! Britt is back letting you in on her (not so secret) secret to her success. In this episode, Britt breaks down the three elements that will allow you to catapult yourself to your desired level of success.
She covers:
- The three elements to ensuring your success is on its way
- How to bring them int

14/ The Trifecta to creating your 6 figure success

                            Helllloooo queens and goddesses! We have an incredible podcast where Britt shines the light on the inevitable- a client wanting to pull out of the container. At some stage you will come up against it, or maybe you already have? Nevertheless, Brittney is here to burn your thoughts to the ground and allow you to see how this is just an AMAZING opportunity!

13/ So your client wants to pull out... now what?

                            Hi beautiful beings! Welcome back to an episode that ALL people in business need... how to be a boss at selling and what needs to be done in order to create an effortless energy whilst selling! Selling is typically the one thing that all my clients struggle with due to trauma, fear of rejection and not being safe.

12/ The sexy side to selling & what you're getting wrong

                            Hey babes! We are back illuminating the shit you've been avoiding so that you can glow up your money, your mission and your magic! In this episode Britt breaks through the bullshit that allows you to find safety in your scaling journey *warning... it's controversial AF*

11/ Money, Mission & Magic- taking it to your next level

                            Hey light worker! Britt is back with a straight to the point episode that allows YOU to re-define your success so you can totally fucking thrive. She breaks down:
- The 7 levels deep to your greatest success
- Understanding and amplifying other aspects of your business that DO NOT revolve around money or any othe

10/ Re-defining success to uplevel the fuck out of your business

                            Hi babes! Welcome back as I come in HOT with the juiciest episode breaking down how I had my biggest month ever AND it's not how you think. I share with you:
- How to hold the vision (especially as a specific manifestor)
- How to stop selling yourself out of your success

9/ Holding the vision- My $72,941.20 month

                            Hey queen! So happy to be back in your ears this week with an episode breaking down your bullshit as to why you keep getting in your way of scaling to the success of your dreams! Essentially we dive into ALL the things that DO NOT, I repeat, do not, matter in business!
These are the things that are quintessentially,

8/ The things that matter to create success (and the things that fxcking don't)

                            Hey gal pals! Welcome back to a fire episode where Britt breaks down 4 ways for you to make sure you are scaling your biz in a way that is sustainable, inspiring & totally safe for your nervous system!
- The number 1 strategy you need to scale your biz
- How to expand your money and the art of receiving (in more

7/ FOUR ways to scale the f*ck out of your biz

                           I get it babes... we are in an incredibly stretchy environment- mind, body AND soul, however, the real question is... Are you really ready for an up-level? In this episode I break down ways to recognise if you're ready to step up OR if it's your turn to literally stay put.
We cover:
- The seed to harvest

6/ Are you REALLY ready for an up-level?

                            Hey bitch... Of course I'm back with a hot episode that is literally going to break your initial reason why you said you wanted to listen to this specific ep! I share with you how:
- I'm calling out a toxic cycle in the industry
- Why getting paid in fully gets to be a sexy surpris

5/ Mindset you need about getting paid in FULL

                            Hey queenies We are back for another hot as shit episode that is literally going to blow your mind (and your subconscious) about getting paid as a light worker. I mean I get it.
I've done it all so you don't have to!
In this ep I share with you
- how to reframe how you get paid in biz

4/ A psychics guide to getting PAID, baby!

                            Launching... is it a friend or foe? I get it- launching can be hard. You constantly feel like you're failing or not living up to your own expectations. You freak out on the daily where you see that time is running out to sell those spots and you begin to freeze, avoid OR hustle your little heart out to try and get people ac

3/ The magic of launching that you're missing out on

                            Hey queens! I am back with a seriously yummy episode as I break down the 6 ways you are totally cock-blocking your success in your badass light working business and how you can seriously overcome it and make new moves that will allow you to find your pathway to an abundant AF business, a life that is time free and totally align

2/ How you're cock-blocking your success

                            Hello you glorious light working goddesses!
I am so excited to have birthed this baby that has been incubating for such a long time and now, the time has come.
In this episode I introduce you to me, my story, where I started, where I am and where I am going.
I think it is important to get to know the gal behind the


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