You know in your soul that there is magic that you want to create and to be honest… the word “coach” turns you off but you don’t really know how else to market yourself.
You feel like the market is oversaturated and you feel like your voice is getting drowned out in the noise of everyone else whose coaching on the gram.
It’s frustrating. 
Especially if you just know that this is what you’re meant to do in such a big way.
You’ve hired the social media manager. 
You’ve tried to run Facebook ads…
You’ve even done follow loops thinking this will bring you your desired soul mate clients. 

It’s hard to stick out of a crowd that feels like it’s growing by the second.

I totally get it…

Feeling like you’re not getting anywhere, like you are stuck and have tried everything in this manifesting game

being a powerhouse woman that gets to bring sass, confidence & boujee vibes to the table and steps completely into her power

Feeling lost, constantly outsourcing through pain and not being able to effectively transmute your traumas

Alchemising your pain, turning into your greatest gift and stepping into a new power that you've only had glimpses of before!

Constantly feeling like money is draining from your pockets and never able to build on it, business is hard and money is also hard

Now you believe in your ability to scale to 6 figures, be able to create sustainable wealth and literally live a turned on boujee life!

Imagine if you could GO FROM...




To be so fxcking grounded in your souls gifts & abilities…. 
To create some serious life changing magic with your clients. 
To create a sustainable and financially fit soul aligned business!

So bitch tits, this is where I come in ready to level up your ability to be seen…

Maybe you’ve got a podcast and you’re telling people all the love & light regurgiatted bullshit… but now it’s time to add some serious spice to your life, fuck off the opinions and fears of judgement of others and unleash your TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF and magnetise the fuck out of your soul mate clients!

Together we’ll accomplish a life and business that is so true to your soul and brings pleasure… every. Damn. day! 

IT'S TIME TO Begin healing in such an incredibly immense way so that you can activate your true souls gifts and purpose which allow you to create the business of your dreams!

Start work at 11am after enjoying your morning at the gym, followed by coffee with a friends. 

Sell out your 1:1’s and group programs with ease.

Scale your business to consistent five figure months.

Create space in your life for the important stuff- time with your loved ones, solo adventures & enjoying life’s luxuries!

You ready to...

meet your spirit guides meditation



If you are looking to start your journey connecting to your spirit guides, receive messages and guidance from the 5D this 15 minute audio is everything you need to start your spiritual 5D journey.

Emily Hinks

I did psychic prosperity and cosmic wealth and have been struggling with my little business through COVID to say the least, after doing both sessions I’ve had a business approach me about stocking my items in their salon, had my contract at my full time job raised to double the hours and have been offered covering extra shifts. Thank you for opening this up for me and showing me I am WORTHY! And I am ENOUGH!!  So much love for you 

This bitch is prospering ! Literally will be doing every masterclass you put out!

Amy Batty

If you want to learn how to channel and deepen your connection to your guides, this programme really is amazing. There are so many components, there's so many different parts that you learn about and there's no possible way you'll regret signing up to this programme! It is hands down the best programme that I have ever done. !t's 100% worth it! Go for the VIP package if you can, it will completely change your life - it has most definitely changed mine.

Thinking about signing up for Step Into Your Lightworker? I 100% recommend that you do.


I felt like I was constantly pushing in my business, I wasn't calling in the abundance I desired and there was also no end in sight for me finishing up at my corporate job. I have 5x the price of my 1:1 spaces and also upleveled my psychic abilities by clearing a bunch of shit. I now have a much closer end date to finishing up at my corporate job and I have gotten rid of shit offerings that were no longer serving me.

My business has changed so much since working with Brit


You get to step into the power of Brittney and the power of the people that Brittney brings together. Like, it's incredible, and you get so much out of it. You get so much out of it and it sets you free and in these times, WHAT DO WE WANT MORE than freedom.

I've stepped into my power and I'm so powerful! And I've been this powerful for so long but I never knew. So it's given me that power, it's given me that knowledge of my own power.


The value that you get out of this course is priceless. The value I have received from this community is priceless. There is always support. It's the most supportive, amazing expansive space.

She made me who I am today and I love who I am today, and it's got me to the life that I have today and I love the life I have today.


I have gone from struggling as a coach, wondering if I should even be a coach, to being completely sold out! This is my life purpose and there's literally no other option for me, and to start seeing the attraction of clients coming in is just amazing - and it is happening thanks to doing the work in this programme.

I have been unlocked multiple times and found different parts of my power that I didn't even know I had.

Kind Words



I don’t think I am woo-woo enough to turn on my psychic gifts. I am scared I won’t be able to do it!?

Okay babe, first of all, being a psychic and connected to your should gifts doesn't mean you have to step away from who you are to become a Carol Baskin look-a-like and deck out every finger in crystal rings… I never knew I was psychic and thought it was all bullshit. Until I started to dive into this space and trust myself. I have managed to blow myself away how accurate I am and all my clients have turned on their own abilities and creating kickass offerings and transformations for their own clients! All of which didn’t think they had it in them at the start ;)

What if I don’t live in Australia and I can’t make the live calls?

Honeyyyyyyyyy. TIME IS LIMITLESS IN THE METAPHYSICAL! Whether you manage to make the live call or catch the replay, the vibes are always there and the transformation is suspended in time waiting for you to claim her. The only reason why you can’t catch the replay is by you getting in your own way.

No excuses if you want to level up. Make it werrrk bitch!

Do you do one off sessions?

Not exactly. From time to time I will release a handful of one off sessions. Please keep an eye out and join the mailing list to be the first to call dibs!

Can you do me a psychic reading?

At the moment, all my books are closed to just my current clients. However, if you would like to receive a reading from my students, please send a enquiry stating as such and a team member from It’s Brittney Biatch will reach out to you within 2 business days