The question is… are you ready to dive in fully?

This high-level  mastermind covers the three key pillars that all of my success stems from. Sound like some serious big bitch shit? That’s because it is.

You’re a pioneering bad bitch… don't you forget it.

Get out of your own way and burst through the ceiling that has kept you capped and limited with Wealthy, Worthy & Worshipped.

Think money, love, business, friendships, connection, health, and life itself amplified to its full capacity. A place where you’re *officially* allowed to be too much, have too much, create too much, hold too much… all of it.

– Take your biz to consistent & stablised 5 figure months
– Fall deeply and irrevocably in love with YOU. Your greatest love story.
– Feel the support of a nourishing sisterhood
- Step into unshakeable sense of worth & let your intimate relationships level up
- Step so deeply into your Queendom that making money, growing your business & stepping into a life of OPULENCE is fucking easy and cosmic.
– Receive divinely channelled guidance 
– Raise the bar on ALL standards
– Create a life that feels like a constant ‘pinch me’ moment

Wealthy, Worthy & Worshipped is your portal to living life at 100%.

                            This you? → Your life is pretty good. You love your purpose, the money is alright, and you feel like you should just be grateful for what you have. If you were to ask for more… well, that would just be greedy, wouldn’t it?

Welcome to 70% island. Population: you. You’re being fulfilled 70% of the time and in 70% of your life. Yawn.



/ Sophia C, Fashion Designer & Entrepreneur

                            I’ve worked with a bunch of different coaches over the years and no one is like Britt. She is amazing, she is potent, she is magical, and you can feel the energy as soon as you see her.

Absolutely crazy to think when I first started working with Brittney van Gestel a year & a half ago this was just a verrryyy far away dream of mine, something I wasn’t sure would ever be real for me but HERE WE ARE!

(Engaged, pregnant and creating the business of her dreams with her highest cash month yet 10 x more than her normal).

WWW & just Britt in general is INCREDIBLE!!! Her energy, her support, her practices, her channeling it’s all second to none & I am so grateful I’ve had the pleasure of working with her for over a year. In the last year I found the love of my life, had my biggest month in business, moved into a gorgeous family home & am pregnant with my first (wtf right) diving deep into this work has been a rollercoaster, forcing me to seriously grow, evolve & push past my edges but everything has been SO worth it. Coming out of the other side I feel the transformation, I see the manifestations landing with ease & I can’t wait for what the next year has in store!

“Britt’s energy is honestly contagious!


Each month builds on the last, compounding the teachings and bringing fresh energy. I never, ever, regurgitate the same information or rehash the same shit. New gems are dropped every single month, guaranteed.
Spell work
Quantum Manifestation clearing
Womb Healing
There is no stone left unturned for you to claim your stabilised high 5 figure cash months


The rolling course will run on a themed basis,
diving into each pillar one by one. We’ll move through worthiness to worship to wealth and back round again, with each theme building on the last.
It's your vault to anchoring HIGH 5 figure months.
All of which is anchored in ease, feminine magic & LIBERATION. 


Wealthy, Worthy & Worshipped is an exclusive rolling mastermind covering the 3 fundamental pillars of next-level success. 

Immediate access to the 6 core modules PLUS access to all previous teachings for you to work through when the theme of your business calls for it.


THE Process

It’s all in the details


Deep dive 90 minute 1:1 to curate your roadmap to 6 figures & beyond

Fortnightly hot seat Quantum Coaching sessions


The first session will revolve around healing and activation & channeling from the Goddesses of Abundance (Ohsun, Goddess Isis, Kahli & Lilith to name a few), and the second session of the month will focus on strategies to implement this for your own business. Think: finessing and streamlining processes, energetics, strategy, quantum creation, the works.

2x Monthly masterclasses with yours truly! 




6 core modules to CATAPULT your business into success


/ Matilda Finnegan, Psychic healer + witch 

I went from pregnant & working 16 hour days, whilst still on government payments to aligning & working in my soul purpose AND THRIVING!
I now have created a 6 figure business in 12 months and have consistent 5 figure months!

I also hit my first $20k month in April and its now my new normal!"

"From centrelink & pregnant to 6 figures and thriving 


– Access to the Wealthy, Worthy & Worshipped
   community space
– 2x monthly masterclasses and healings with moi
- Access to over 50 workshops, trainings & transmissions
– 2x monthly personalised hot seat coaching
   sessions. Think 30 minutes a month of focused 
   time with me, where my eyes are solely on you 
   and your biz. This sesh can include channelling, 
   healing… whatever you need to access that next
- 90 minute 1:1 session with Brittney to curate your roadmap to success


This is for you if…

You wanna level up alongside a sisterhood of powerhouse women but ALSO go the extra mile and be personally coached by me.
You're going all in and ready to unlock your new milestone

$1,222 uSD per month or PIF $6,500 USD

Wealthy, Worthy &Worshipped

THE Investment

– The faint of heart
– People just dipping their toe in the water
– Anyone unsure of their commitment level
– Anyone NOT ready to commit to the 
   transmissions of their souls
- Anyone that isn't ready to create their magnetic business 
-Anyone who doesn't want to create a bigger money reservoir 

The mastermind is *not* for:

– Entrepreneurs from all walks of life
– Gals with big wealth goals
– Women who want to feel truly worthy 
– Boss bitches who deserve to be worshipped
- Goddesses from all walks of life who are ready to reclaim their throne

The mastermind is for:


/ Patricia Pullman, Personal Branding & Luxe Fashion Stylist

                            I initially got the download that I needed to work with Brittney which was just before WWW. I didn't know what this was about, I signed up straight away after our initial 1:1 session. The person I am today is completely different to the person that showed up almost a year ago, and is different again from the person from 5 months ago.
I completely believe in myself, my services, and what I am here to create. In honesty, I have been through some of the biggest death and rebirths of my life and Brittney has been able to guide me and hold me through all of them. I am so eternally grateful to be in her space and in this community with some of the most incredible women.
My internal world has been cleared, I have allowed myself to let go, and to build my new life on stable, certain, and powerful foundations. The best is yet to come. Thank you to Brittney for guiding me on this journey."

" I am a completely different person!


All calls (community masterclasses & transmissions, hot seat coaching and any guest healer clearings) will be taking place on Tuesdays at 10am AEST.
Replay's will ALWAYS uploaded to the membership portal within 24 hours

There is a 6 month minimum commitment, so you can truly reap the benefits and soak in all the gems of wisdom.


Get your CALENDERS out

I’ll be opening the Wealthy, Worthy & Worshipped doors bi-annually. When the doors are ajar, you’re welcome to enrol to the sisterhood and you’ll have access to ALL previous teachings, no matter when you join.   



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